I am a street photographer, currently concentrating on life in New York City. I photograph, however, where ever I am. I am based and reside in Teaneck, NJ. My photography has strictly a fine art purpose, and is not in any way commercial. However, assignments are not out of the question, but no longer sought.

  When I was twelve years old, my parents gave me an old, simple roll film camera, and a couple of rolls of black and white film. I played around with it, learned to load it, and ventured outside. Now that I remember, "street photography" or "social landscape photography" are a good description of my first attempts, in Pearl River, NY. I had never heard those terms, of course, nor would I have known what they mean. I shot storefront windows and their displays, with reflections of the outside world showing. I was fascinated by reflections and by light, though I could not have formed that thought into words.

  As I grew older, Christmas presents were first, a Yashica 35mm slr, then later, a Nikon F Photomic. After four years in the Navy, I brought that Nikon with me into the School of Visual Arts, in New York City. There, I met and was taught and influenced by Dena Rubenstein (Dena, Photographer), Jimmy Moore, Al Francekevich, Dick Frank, Bernie Lawrence, and others. I learned (I hope), to see, and to talk about images. I am grateful.

  I photographed weddings and portraits in Rockland and Westchester Counties, in New York, and Bergen County, in New Jersey, more and less often, for over thirty years. During the same time, I worked extensively for corporations and publications in the Tri - State area. Some, but not all, were Mercedes Benz, North America, Arriflex, Orange and Rockland Utilities, United Water Resources (Suez), McGraw - Hill, Holt Construction, Austin PR, St. Thomas Aquinas College, SUNY - Rockland Community College, Gannett Suburban Newspapers, Spotlight Magazine, and others.

  These days, I do street photography, fine art photography where ever I am, because I want to, because I need to. I feel a need to offer my view of the life and times around me, of my various environments. I want to portray our relationships with each other, and with animals (non-humans). I hope that you will enjoy looking at some
of my images

  I have also photographed at, Farm Sanctuary, in Watkins Glen, NY, because I love rescue and the beautiful resident non - humans.

   My images are available as archival pigment prints on cotton rag paper. Also, I will negotiate use rights to any image, and provide a full - resolution download. Please see my "acquire images" page for more information.
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